motan in pharmaceutical and medical technology

motan in pharmaceutical and medical technology

Quality and precision for the special requirements of the medical industry

In probably no other industry is safety and precision as important as in pharmaceutical and medical technology. After all, the patient’s physical integrity is paramount. The knowledge and implementation of several guidelines is therefore essential for manufacturers of medical devices. motan builds on many years of experience in the field of medical technology and is pleased to be able to professionally support the medical sector with carefully developed applications and products.

Medical technology – regulated and in demand

The medical industry is in greater demand than ever – new products and developments are required to meet the needs of society, but also because of new developments and medical innovations. This growing demand is both an opportunity and a challenge for the plastics industry. The world’s most varied medical device directives and health laws define precise requirements that manufacturers must guarantee for their products.

What does it mean for the plastics industry to manufacture individual products or entire systems for the medical and pharmaceutical sector?

Just as medicine is characterized by state-of-the-art research, product manufacturers claim to ensure the safest technology and to align it with the latest standards and laws regarding FDA and GMP conformity. Based on this, the manufacturers and plant engineers must work out permanent solutions for their medical technology. Not only quality and clean room technology is required, also economic aspects and efficiency in production plays an important role.

Products and solutions from motan

motan always relies on high quality and standards in order to guarantee and focus on the customer’s needs.  The requirements for medical technology and pharmaceutical applications always represent a special challenge. In particular, the requirements regarding qualification, validation and GAMP 5 must be considered. Great care is required in both technical development and assembly at the customers site, which is defined via DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ.

For this motan not only offers special MED hopper loaders with either pneumatic or diaphragm valves, but also dosing and mixing systems in electropolished versions. In combination with motan’s LINKnet system visualization, “audit trails” can be generated, so that traceable individual user management and material tracking are ensured. Individual solutions for all other product lines are possible at any time in order to continue to meet the special requirements of the medical industry in the best possible way.

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